Drea Releases 'Hometown,' a Song for the Dreamers - Inspirer

LA-based, Minnesota born singer-songwriter Drea is making her dreams a reality. This feisty pop songstress has released her first single since her debut album, No Vacancy. "Hometown" is a song everyone can relate to; it's about chasing your dreams and remembering where you came from.

Getting to Know LA Artist / Songwriter Drea - Indie Music Women

Singer/songwriter Drea was on a path to graduate school, but her passion for music intervened when she graduated with her Bachelor's degree in Women's Studies and returned home to Minneapolis, Minnesota. She began writing songs and decided to give herself a year to pursue music more than just as a hobby.

Ep. 46: Drea - Recording Artist, Songwriter

Back in episode 22, today's guest, recording artist and songwriter, Drea, opened up to me about her experience as a victim of sexual assault. Today I'm checking back in with Drea in what is probably one of the most empowering episodes I will ever record.

Ep. 46.5: Micro Pod ft. Drea

Last week I promised a deep dive into the process of creating music. To be more specific, recording music. Recording artist and songwriter, Drea, is back with me to do just that. In the next fifteen minutes, you'll hear about the recording of her last album, No Vacancy and how the process of recording her new music, including her latest release Hometown, is different.